Overscaig House Hotel Overscaig House Hotel, North Highlands, Scotland

Walking - Foinaven and Arkle

The walk in to Foinaven is spectacular and starts just a few miles from The Overscaig. Heading north between Arkle (787m) and Meall Horn (777m) facing Foinaven to the north-west (911) is a fantastic sight.

Although once surveyed as being higher than the magical Munro height of 3000ft (914m), its height was eventually set just 10ft (9m) short of the mark. This reduces the numbers who attempt the walk and makes Foinaven a mountain that can offer the dedicated walker a feeling of true isolation and tranquillity.

For an alternative route, starting on the road to Durness and traversing south, finishing on tha A838 close to Loch Stack Lodge - click here

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